She found these two dogs locked in a car and rescued them. The owner’s reaction? SHOCKING!


Sometimes, some dog owners are just not fit for the responsibility, and that results in some very bad consequences, for them and for their dogs.

This is what happened here when a woman named Diane Herbst, who works as a reporter for People Magazine, was jogging one morning in New Jersey and then she found, to her shock, two golden retriever dogs locked in a car, on a hot summer day, with the windows only opened a very small part.

Luckily, Diane reacted fast to save the dogs who were panting and already looked fatigued and dehydrated. She called 911, and after 16 minutes, the fire department arrived and they were able to get the dogs out of the steaming hot car just in time before things got worse.

Diane was able to reach the owner’s husband. His excuse? His wife and her son were in a park, searching for wild mushrooms! Firstly, why not leave them at home, and secondly, why not take them to a park with you? Is there some sort of new ban on dogs in parks that we don’t know about? It’s completely outrageous.

7-2-2015 4-12-24 AM

What’s even more outrageous was the way the woman reacted when she came back. The cruelly negligent owner was neither sorry nor glad that her two dogs were saved! She instead got so fired up at how they opened her car door. She even treats her dogs in a cruel way, as seen in the video that Diane Herbst shot, trying to force a water bottle onto the dog’s face. I am speechless at how cruel and irresponsible some owners can be. Kevin Lynch, from the Sheriff’s office, confirmed that they are investigating and might be pressing animal abuse charges.

We hope for a happy ending for these dogs. Share this story and spread awareness on the dangers of leaving any animals or babies in a locked car!