She found water in her path; see what this cat did to not get wet; HILARIOUS!

1-28-2015 8-55-50 PM

The one and only enemy for cats is WATER, and it’s still the hardest task ever to take your cat to the bathtub, and most of the times you will need full body protective cover to avoid scratches, it will be better to prepare some first aid also. Our friend here is trying to do her best to avoid getting wet, despite the water being all around her, her path was a little wet, you won’t believe how she passed it. She is so smart.


So many researches have been trying to know why cats fear water, and simply scientists think that since cats are never exposed to water at the start of their life, basically cats are indoor pets, who aren’t allowed to get out alone, so water for cats is a first time exposure, that’s why they fear it, also it’s not allowed for water to come close near their ears, it harms them and sometimes it leads them to be deaf. If your cat hates the whole bath thing, you have to wear something thick to avoid scratches and harms. Try also to calm your cute cat down while bathing her. Use a suitable shampoo for cats and don’t wash her with cold water, make sure you washed your cat perfectly, and don’t let water comes near her ears to avoid any harms.

So, does your cat love to get wet or get near water? Watch this video below and share it with your family and friends.