She had some different ways to bath!! So cute and funny


Imagine that you are entering your bathroom for a cold refreshing shower, and you find your dog in the shower instead, enjoying a bath.

She is Lena the Rottweiler, she is falling in love with water “From the shower”, and it’s her favorite place to enjoy water and be relaxed. She seemed very happy and enjoying it, well, she does not prefer the lake or even a sea or an ocean, not like other dogs. But she likes to shower in the bath, so they have to get the door closed so she wouldn’t go in, because as Lena’s owner said, if she entered there, she wouldn’t want to get out. Lena is having a pet partner, Foster Blu, the cutest scene when he kissed her. He loves water too but not like Lena, not enough to bring him into that shower bath. Well Lena, we wish you find a suitable shampoo and body treats to use there. The owners of Lena are so lucky to have an adorable and funny dog, but it is better not to disturb her and cut her relaxation, enjoy Lena.


This owner is so lucky, her dog loves to bath, but it’s common between most of dogs that they don’t love to bath, The most common mistake an owner can do with their dogs is saying that it’s bathing time, once they will know, they will start running. So it’s better to get a treat for them in the bathroom so they can associate bathing with food, which will make it a lot easier.