She left her dog alone in the locked car; see what the police officer did!


In Strongsville, Ohio, a police officer found a dog that was locked inside of a Nissan Sentra in a Walmart parking lot. He stopped the owner, who left her dog in a hot car alone, which is absolutely dangerous. When she returned, the police officer asked the woman and she answered that the dog is fine. So according to a police blotter, the police officer made her sit in the car for the same amount of time that she left the dog in it to feel what he felt. He made her sit inside the hot car with windows up and with the engine off for few minutes. The police officer advised her that if she did this again, she would be cited then.


It’s very dangerous to leave your dog alone in the car, the cars heat up more quickly than many people think which can cause your dog to die, it’s very dangerous to leave your beloved pet in car, and every year lots of pets get harmed with heatstroke and suffocation when left in parked cars. And it’s not ruled by the time, it’s dangerous especially for those quick stops, so here we are making it clear, that it just takes only minutes for your pet to face death. Even when the weather is not that hot out there, you have to know that the temperature is very different in your parked car; it increases in the closed car by more than 80 degrees. Even with the windows cracked.

Watch this video below of those noble rescuers who did their best to save a dog that was locked in a car, if they were late, the dog would have been dead.

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