She paid the dog license renewal fee 26 days late, and she was arrested for it!

There are a lot of sides to owning a dog. Having a dog is actually a great responsibility, one which requires lots of work and attention in order to keep the dog healthy and happy and to avoid any unwanted accidents. However, another side to owning a dog has to do with licensing. In most countries, you can’t own a dog without having a license to do so, one that should be renewed every year.

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What happens if you accidentally forget to renew your dog license? Well, I expected that there would be some sort of fine, and at the extreme, maybe the dog will be taken away. But I did not expect this.

Neither did Becky Rehr, a 47 year old mother and nurse from Michigan. Becky owns a border collie/springer mix, whose license was set to expire on May 28th. However, somehow Rehr misplaced the license renewal notice, and so she forgot to pay the $10 renewal fee, until she received a notice. Going down to renew her license only less than a month late, she got the most unexpected treatment.

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She was taken to be fingerprinted and to get her mugshots, and she was put in a cell with other inmates, for committing a “misdemeanor”.

After being detained for 3 hours, she was released on a $100 bond, and faced the risk of being fined another $100 and spending 90 days in jails. However, after an outcry from the media about the overly cruel punishment, the charges were dropped before she was scheduled for court.

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Do you think this is was an appropriate punishment for forgetting to renew your dog license? Share with us your opinion in the comments, and don’t forget to share this interesting story with your family and friends, and to also renew your dog license on time!