She Ran Into The Sewer To Hide, What The Rescuers Did For Her Was Priceless!

9-5-2015 9-25-04 PM

For what seems like the millionth time, Hope For Paws impress us with an amazing rescue. The non-profit organization is trying its best to save every animal in need, and this dog was one of the most heartwarming rescues; because nothing is more better than seeing an animal in need, having a second chance at life.

9-5-2015 9-25-34 PM

It all started when Hope For Paws received a call about a dog who is living under the 105 freeway. The rescuers went there immediately to rescue the dog, they started first with searching the place for that dog, but sadly they couldn’t find that dog. After a long time, they spotted her in front of them, they found her hiding but sleeping, so they didn’t want to wake her up so she wouldn’t escape, so they tried their best to walk as slowly as possible, but sadly they failed, while the volunteer was trying to catch her, she woke up suddenly and ran away. Poor dog, she doesn’t know that those people are here to rescue her.

9-5-2015 9-25-54 PM

She escaped, she ran deep into a sewer, and it was very hard for the rescuers to save her. Shockingly, there was a sewer drain below her, they tried to move slowly again so she wouldn’t escape and fall into it.After many tries, they succeeded in putting the leash around her neck. It was one of the hardest rescue ever, one of the volunteers entered inside the sewer to bring the dog, and they started to pull her towards them.

The dog was terrified at first, but with some petting and love, she trusted them finally, and finally the lucky leash was placed around her neck. It was like it’s the first time that she felt loved. Watch the video and share this amazing rescue with your friends and family. You can also donate to Hope for Paws on their website www.hopeforpaws.org