She said hi to that parrot, but it surprised her with an unusual sound

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These sounds are normal, I am sure that you heard them before, we meet lots of crying kids in our lives, but it’s shocking when you find that these sounds are coming from a parrot! It’s a fact that parrots imitate sound, but this one is absolutely special. This lady was visiting the parrot in the zoo, and when she said hi to him, he was very shy at first, he hid his head, but then after a few seconds he started to cry like a baby. It was scary at first! But imagine if you are having a parrot that is doing this!

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It’s amazing to have a parrot pet, they are very funny, and their acts are very surprising. Parrots live in tropical areas. Parrots have more than 300 breeds all over the world. They are different in shape and color, but they are all same in their beauty. Parrots are colorful and charming; they are often bright in color. Some breeds can talk like humans, they can say every word, and they can imitate the human voice, and as you see in the video, sometimes they imitate dancing moves. Most parrots feed on seeds, but some different species feed on flowers, fruits and maybe little insects. Parrots can live for a long time; some breeds have a life span of about 80 years, and others for 95 like the Kakapo breed, or 50 years like the Hyacinth breed. Parrots are used in many art works, also flags; the flag of Dominica is featuring the Sisserou parrot. In New Zealand, the most unique breeds of parrots are living there like Kea, Kaka and Kakapo.

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This video is adorable and surprising, watch what the parrot did in the video below and if you find it funny, share it with your family and friends.

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