She saved a dog from the train tracks, instead of honoring her, she is facing a Lawsuit!

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This story restored my faith in humanity, because what this lady did is indescribable, she is a real hero, and she really proved that she is a real dog lover.

At the Metro de Lima in Peru, something happened with an old woman and her dog, when she lost control of her dog’s leash, he slipped onto the train tracks, the dog didn’t realize that he is in a real danger, when his owner called on him, he jumped on but he couldn’t reach the platform. There were many people who watched this happening, but no one tried to jump and catch the dog, except one lady who found that the dog’s life is precious and should be saved. She jumped to the train tracks, then she went to the dog and held it, then she gave it back to his owner, and someone helped her to get out of the train tracks, thankfully it all happened seconds before any metro came, both of them were safe.

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Shockingly, with that good act which actually saved a life of a dog, now this lady is facing a lawsuit for that lifesaving deed, because she didn’t trust the authorities, and also because jumping on the platform is illegal! The Metro officials called what she did as an act of “Heroism” and at the same time it’s an act of breaking the law. The fact is laws are not protecting us in all times; sometimes you should break then to save a life. How do they want her to face a penalty after what she did to save the dog? The officials also said that they stopped any traffic when the dog fell down, so there was no danger on the dog, but she didn’t trust them and acted on her own. What do you think about what she did?

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