She saw something in the pool, what she found was UNBELIVABLE!

You get a little bit scared when you find something unrecognized walking through your home, but what happened to this family was a little different. On one morning, this family was sitting by a pool, and suddenly they noticed something black, moving in the pool, and they couldn’t recognize what it is!So, Sarah Willis took the risk and came closer to know what that black creature is.

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We have all felt it once, when we see an unknown creature, we feel very terrified when we come closer to see what it is. Luckily, in the same time, Sarah Willis was wearing a Google Glass, she was exploring that black creature, despite the fact that it’s not recommended to use in pools, Sarah explained that it’s not recommended but it was an emergency.

She thought at first that it was a bird that was drowning in the pool, but she was totally surprised to see that it was a hedgehog, it was something unexpected, and it was the first time for her to see a drowning hedgehog. The hedgehog was trying to survive; it was struggling to float on the surface.

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Sarah didn’t hesitate to go for the rescue, she went down into the pool, and she came closer towards the hedgehog and lifted it up with her hands. You will notice how the color of the hedgehog’s back will change gradually when it came out of the water. Sarah took the hedgehog near the bush of the trees beside the pool, and after a while the hedgehog started to move and walked away. I am sure that it was thanking Sarah a lot for saving its life.

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It’s an amazing rescue, if Sarah wasn’t there, this hedgehog would have lost his life! Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.