She stopped him from working, just to be petted, what a lovely dog

This Dog Wants More Attention

Because of our busy life, we may find that at the end of the day we don’t offer our pets the amount of love they need. Have you ever thought what they feel about it? Most of them like to be petted, they need time and attention. But some pets can force you to do that, like they give you an alert…”Please care”. This pet wants to have her time to be petted by her owner, who is actually busy sitting on his laptop doing some work, but she stopped him from completing his work to have some attention. When she asked him for some petting, he did that and petted her, and resumed his work, but she kept on stopping him again and again. Well, the little adorable puppy needs some love.

2-19-2015 4-17-15 PM

Whatever it was the reason you are busy, you have to give enough time for your pets, just to love them and cuddle with them; it’s our duty toward them, to give them the same love they give to us.

It’s common between all of pets to demand some petting from their owners, watch this amazing video of a Persian cat who demands petting in a very kind way; it’s the cutest cat ever. And don’t miss to watch this video of a dog that is cuddling and playing with his owner in a very special way!

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It’s an invitation to give time for your pet. Watch this video below and share it with all your friends and family.