She Told Her Husband The Puppy Was a Jack Russell, and It Grew Into a 15 Stone Great Dane!

Can anyone deny that dogs, with all their sizes and shapes, are irresistibly lovable? I’m sure the answer is a big no! Even large, high-maintenance dogs, like the Great Dane, can easily make anyone fall in love with them.


This why Sue Markham, a 57 year old grandma from Lincolnshire, couldn’t stop herself from getting a Great Dane puppy 9 years ago. When her husband didn’t want a big dog, due to the fact that their home was small, Mrs Markham then told her husband that the puppy is a Jack Russell..but he started getting suspicious when the Jack Russell grew unbelievably big by 5 months of age!



This is one of the funniest and most adorable stories ever. 9 years after getting the puppy and naming him Yogi, and after Yogi grew into a Great Dane weighing 15 stone, he is now nicknamed Bear, and a fundamental part of the Markham family.


Mr Markham has fallen in love with Yogi, who is a good-natured and adorable dog. Yogi has his own two-seater couch in the home, wears a horse-coat when it’s cold, and he actually consumes £160 worth of food every month, including 4 scrambled eggs and sausages every morning!


Yogi is a very friendly dog, but he doesn’t allow anyone except Toffee, his cat friend, to cuddle next to him on his couch! The two became friends when Toffee, a stray cat, came in to warm up one night – and they have been BFFs since then. Apparently, Yogi sees Toffee as his own pet!


These photos of Yogi are the most adorable thing I’ve seen all day, it must be great to have such a good-natured and cuddly dog at home.

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