She Sat In That Spot For A Whole Month Waiting For Her Family’s Return

A dog was tragically separated from her family when she accidently fell off their boat into the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, Thailand.

The dog managed, miraculously, to swim and reach the dock at the Rama V pier, and that was the place where she stayed and waited for her family to come back again and take her.

The lonely dog waited there every day for more than a month.  This was reported on a Facebook post by Thanawan Tongporn. Thanks to social media the post went viral, reaching more than 11.000 shares within 48 hours!


No one really knows why the family didn’t return to get their lost dog back!

For weeks, the lonely dog was offered food and water, as waiting was her full time job. She depended on the kindness of some people’s hearts.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long, for one kind stranger to provide the lonely dog with a more comfortable home. A News crew were ready to witness the new family’s moment when they took the lonely dog.


In honor of the place where she was lost and found, the new family named her Tha Ruea or “Pier” in English.

Now the dog lives with her new family in a luxurious house where she has her own backyard pool.

A segment from the local morning news shows a video of Tha Ruea wagging her tail and licking one of her new family members’ face.

After waiting for several weeks for her previous owners to come back, the dog is now  the member of a new family who offer her all the love and affection she needs.

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Posted by Rungrot Kongpiban on Thursday, February 11, 2016

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