She wanted to approach the buck and pet him, but his reaction was UNEXPECTED.

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What happened here is very cute. It’s not every day we see this, not every day you get the chance to pet a buck. This lady was walking in the forest and she met this buck, so she got that idea to approach it and try to pet it. She came closer, and slowly put her hands on the buck, but the way that the buck reacted to it was incredibly amazing. The buck stood still without moving, it loved being petted. The lady never expected this to happen, but the surprising look on her face was pretty amazing

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Deer are very beautiful animals which are illegal to keep in home as pets; they have to live in a wide open space. Deer’s weight starts from 30 to 300 kg; you will be amazed when you know that the largest deer ever was about 431 kg. Deer also are perfect in swimming, and they are very fast, their speed can reach about 30 mph. a male deer is called “buck” but the large male are called “stag”, the female deer are called “doe” , and the baby deer is called “fawn”, the group of deer called is “herd”. Deer are very good swimmers, they swim perfectly, as you see in the video they can control their steps in the water, they also can jump high. It’s good to know that the white spots on the deer body is fading every day, the deer is born with those white spots but everyday this white spots decrease. And about fawns, they sit with their mother for about a year and live on their own after that

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Deer always amaze us with their acts, especially that bond between them and dogs. Watch this incredible video of a deer that is feeding on a Labrador dog, it’s a very heartwarming story.