She Was Attacked by Two Men, But This Stray Dog Came And Changed Her Life Forever


A dog is always more than just a pet. When you’ve spent a significant amount of your life with a dog, they become family, and there’s no doubt that dogs also think of us as family. Dogs, even if they are living on the streets, are very loyal to anyone who has ever been good to them, and they are often more than ready to give love and compassion to whoever needs them.



Not only that, but dogs are known to be very protective. We hear so many stories about how dogs were responsible for saving people’s lives in many ways. Even with the suffering and harsh conditions in which stray dogs live, they always have plenty of love and protectiveness to give. This story is about one brave stray dog who changed a woman’s life forever.



When 25 year old Georgia Bradley was on vacation in Greece, she didn’t expect what was about to change her life forever. She was in Crete when she was suddenly attacked by two men. But luckily for her, her guardian angel showed up. This brave and selfless stray dog showed up out of nowhere and chased the two men away, saving Georgia’s life.After she went back home, she couldn’t stop thinking about the brave dog that saved her life. So, she decided to fly back to Greece to adopt the dog! She successfully completed the procedures for adopting the dog and she named her Pepper.


Amazingly enough, Pepper was also pregnant, and she gave birth to 6 super adorable pups!Pepper now lives happily with Bradley. Isn’t it such an amazing story?



It’s so heartwarming, we are glad Pepper found her forever home with her pups and an owner that loves them all. Don’t forget to share this beautiful story with your family and friends!