She was homeless and covered with skin infections, a month later, I can’t believe it

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Hope For Paws is an organization that has done and still does unbelievable things in order to help animals in need. Today, they will take you with them on a journey to Costa Rica, where Costa Rica Dog Rescue is also devoting lots of time and effort for the safety and well being of stray dogs in Costa Rica.

On their first day in Costa Rica, the rescuers were called to rescue a sick dog staying at someone’s yard. Since that person already owned three dogs, keeping the stray dog was not possible, so, they took the dog to the shelter and named her Tulip, and in the video you will see the quick and amazing psychological and physical transformation she has gone through.

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It was amazing to watch the tour they took in the country of Costa Rica, and I was so glad to see a spacious shelter for dogs in the middle of the rainforest.

Later on, they went on to supply a family that feeds stray dogs, and they got to interact with the children and teach them the importance of kindness to stray animals. Then, they went to rescue another dog named Henry, who unfortunately was tied up and lived an isolated life with barely any human interaction for more than 10 years, it was heartbreaking to watch. However, they managed to get him out of his shell a little bit, and he brightened up once he was unchained.

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They went on a journey of brightening up the lives of those poor dogs, and it was heartwarming to watch. After the journey, 4 books returned to the US to be adopted, and a month later, Tulip came as well!

If you want to donate towards their care, visit http://www.hopeforpaws.org/ and http://www.crdogrescue.com/.