She was lost in the sea 5 weeks ago. Now look at HIS face when he sees her…


About five weeks ago, Nick Haworth was on a commercial fishing trip at San Diego, CA. He thought that it was a good idea to take his dog, Luna, with him, but unluckily, the one-and-half –year-old dog slept and disappeared in the open water miles away from the coast. While no one knew how the accident happened, Nick explained that, ““One moment Luna was there, and the next she was gone.”


Although Nick and the navy officers searched the island of San Clement for Luna, they found no sign of her. It took Nick a week before he began to deal with the sad fact that Luna was tragically lost forever. Last week, a miraculous reunion happened!

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Nick is a 20-year-old student at San Diego University. His German-shepherd-husky mix dog was lost after she slipped from a boat into the open water on February 2010. Authorities helped him search for Luna along the shoreline of Clemente Island near to the area where the pup had fallen.


Sandy DeMunnik, the public affairs officer for the US navy base on the island, led the search for Luna but she was never found. Nick continued searching for his dog for two more days, but all their efforts were in vein. Sandy told ABC News that they considered the dog lost permanently and possibly dead.

Nick lost hope in finding Luna, and began to make peace with the fact his beloved dog had passed away. He posted her photo on Facebook with a status reading “RIP Luna, you will be greatly missed.”


According to Nick, Luna is a strong swimmer, and it turned out later that she succeeded to reach the shore!

A few days ago, five weeks after Luna was confirmed dead, she appeared again on the shore! Last Tuesday, the crew members arrived on the island to do some work nearby the naval installation, when they spotted the lost dog sitting on a roadside.

“There are no domesticated animals on the island, so it was a stunning sight,” said Officer DeMunnik.


The naval staff pulled over next to Luna right away. They whistled for her, and she jumped right in.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune report, Luna managed to survive on her own for five weeks, after she made it to the shore.

According to Melissa Booker, navy wildlife biologist, Luna looked exhausted when they found her. She probably had to feed on some small rodents for those five weeks. Luckily, she was uninjured and in good health.


The crew called Nick immediately to tell him that they found Luna alive. On Wednesday, Connor Lamb, Nick’s friend, picked up Luna at Naval Base Coronado in North Island. On Thursday, Luna was reunited with her owner who was beyond ecstatic with the news of his beloved pup found after he lost every hope to see her again!

“Beyond stoked to have Luna back, I always knew she was a warrior,” Nick wrote on Facebook.

Before Luna left the naval base, she received a unique dog tag from Air Base Commander Stephen Barnett. It read , “For Luna, keep the faith.”

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