She Was Playing With A Baby Horse And Then…! WHOA!

Horses are very sensitive animals. These animals in particular are gentle by nature! This video involves Sunny Bayne  a young girl who was playing with a baby horse.

The baby horse suddenly decided that he wanted more love and affection so he did the unexpected and sweetest thing ever! The baby horse decided that he wanted to cuddle!

Sunny wrote about her love for this horse in particular, and after this video she would have a special place in heart for this horse.

The video starts with Sunny sitting on her knees in front of the baby horse. Then, the horse decided to get a little closer and approach her. Sunny fell back and the horse lied on top of her to present a very special moment!

Although this video is just one minute length, it has more than 10 million views on YouTube and shared hundreds times.

Here is another video of a 3 days old tiny horse joins his owner in a run!


Right from the farm life, Sterling Bartow had captured this adorable video of him playing with a tiny horse, the horse was only 3 days old when this movie was filmed, and as it seems, the bond between the tiny horse and his owner had been created so fast, look at how they run and play together! Isn’t it the cutest? The video went viral all over the internet and social media websites, and it’s normal, who can resist this cute tiny horse?

Horses are sensitive creatures who need to feel loved and cared for. They can feel our feelings for them and they know exactly when to get closer! Horses are smart  and beautiful creatures!

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