She entered the room to find her Sphynx cat and the dog doing THIS!


I ADORE those “cat and dog” moments were we see them living in harmony and peace, the relationships between dogs and cats really show us how they are good friends, it simply shows the true animal love. This video is really heartwarming, and special. What makes it so special is that I love to watch Sphynx cats, so many people dislike them because of their shape but they are really cute, especially this one. This Sphynx cat is the cutest, she is sleeping with her dog friend on the dog’s bed, and the dog is surrounding and warming his hairless friend. The owner found that it’s a very special moment to catch on camera. They are adorable, aren’t they? What I like most about it is how the dog seemed to be in love with his friend, this video made me smile.

Sphynx cats are well known for their hairless skin, they love to get attention and care. Their life span is between 8 to 14 years, and they weigh about 9 to 12 pounds. Sphynx cats are very emotional and easy to handle, also they are very sociable, and they interact well with people. Also Sphynx cats are full of energy and playful, they love exploring life, climbing and chasing and running everywhere. Some people see that Sphynx are full of wrinkles and are hairless which makes them ugly, but Sphynx cats are the most beautiful and kindest of all, which attaches people to them. Because they don’t have a thick furry coat like other cats, they usually rub to stuff, or other animals, or people to feel some warmth. One of the facts about Sphynx cats is that the oldest Sphynx ever died at the age of 34, it was the oldest Sphynx ever until today.


Watch this cute cuddling moment between this Sphynx cat and the dog in the video below, share it between your family and friends.