They were shocked when they found the reason of why their dog gained weight.

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Friendships are strong, aren’t they? Friendship is doing every crime together, so this is the rule of Molly the fat dog and Maggie the fat cat; they are doing a horrible crime together. The owner found that molly is becoming a fat dog; even they don’t give him much food that leads to this weight gain, so they decided to discover what the reason of this weight gain is. One day, his owner walked into the kitchen and she made this discovery, Maggie the fat cat is behind it all, she is feeding Molly; she gets the treat out of the jar, and pull it to Molly the dog. Friendship is the strongest thing ever, isn’t it?

They were shocked when they found the reason of why their dog gained weight.

Every dog and cat owner wants to see this special bond; every owner wants to see a strong friendship between both lovely pets. So if you want a dog and cat to have a strong friendship, here is how you could introduce your kitty to your dog for the first time: Most of us might be involved in this situation, but it’s easy to develop. First, give a walk to your dog before introducing the dog and cat to each other, then make sure that you are in complete control of him because the cat might run away so you have to control him to not follow her, You have to allow sniffing, they have to know the smell of each other, also you have to reward him for good behavior with the cat. Remember, don’t ever leave them alone. After a few days you will find it easier.

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