SHOCKING! Cars can be your dog’s deathtrap.

6-18-2015 2-32-03 PM

Some owners leave their dogs alone in car for some time till they come back from whatever they were doing, but shockingly, leaving your dog in a parked car can be the reason of your dog’s death. It’s a fact that lots of dog die from every summer because those remissive owners. In this video, you will see the woman leaving her dog in the car, but they help you imagine that you are in the dog’s place, but imagine that you have a fur coat, you can’t sweat, you can’t do anything but panic and scratch on the window! It’s a hopeless, shocking, and terrifying moment.

You shouldn’t say it’s a warm day, it’s not hot, and the car won’t be heated as much as it is in hot days, because surprisingly, the temperature inside a parked car on a warm day can reach 160 degrees, even if you are leaving the window slightly open.

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It’s very dangerous to leave your dog alone in the car, the cars heat up more quickly than many people think which can cause your dog to die, it’s very dangerous to leave your beloved pet in a car, and every year lots of pets get harmed with heatstroke and suffocation when left in parked cars. And it’s not ruled by the time, it’s dangerous especially for those quick stops, so here we are making it clear, that it just takes only minutes for your pet to face death. Even when the weather is not that hot out there, you have to know that the temperature is very different in your parked car; it increases in the closed car by more than 80 degrees. Even with the windows cracked.

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Please, in summer, in hot days or warm days, don’t leave your dog in car, even with a window open, appreciate your dog, and appreciate the safety of your dog, and leave him at home.