SHOCKING! A Labrador dog’s leash stuck in the elevator, thankfully, he was saved.

A Labrador dog’s leash stuck in the elevator

Labrador dog

This video is very hard to watch, and heart stopping. But before you watch it, you have to know that the dog is ok, he is not harmed, thankfully.

Tamara is a twenty-five years old girl who lived in Toronto with her two dogs; she was getting in the elevator when this horrible, shocking accident happened. Vados is a Labrador dog; his leash accidently was caught while the elevator doors got closed. Tamar was very shocked; all she needed to think of was a way to keep her dog safe and unharmed. She pressed the emergency button in the elevator, and she freed Vados the Labrador dog in time, she acted very fast and this is what saved Vados. After he was free from the stucking leash, the elevator doors opened. Poor Tamara had been terrified for her Labrador dog; it seems that she was hurt.

I am very thankful that the dog is saved; he had a courageous owner, because without her acting that fast to helping Vados, all this could’ve turned into a tragedy.

In case you are getting with your dog inside the elevator you have to take care of the leash, you have to be careful and caring, so many people blamed Tamara because she didn’t care at first at the Labrador dog leash, and that led to this accident.

Elevators accidents happens many times to dogs and the reason is the leash, click here to watch this video of a dog who accidently got out from the elevator while his owner is holding the leash, and before bringing him back, the elevator door had closed, but thankfully he was saved.

Labrador dog
Labrador dog