Siberian Husky Chases a Mouse and Ends Up in a Hilariously Embarrassing Situation

In a hilarious situation, a Siberian Husky pooch regretted a wrong decision that he made after experiencing the feeling of sinking. The foolish pooch’s instant regretting feeling has been caught on camera, and the hilarious footage is posted online!

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In an unknown location, a Siberian Husky owner captured this video. He was out his home for some reason, but when he came back, he found the corner of his sofa destroyed. The bite marks on the sofa were evidence against his Husky puppy who believed to having chased a mouse! It is obvious that the puppy was outsmarted by the rodent, the Siberian Husky ended up in such embarrassing situation!
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It is believed that the owner of the Husky dog decided to capture that footage after he discovered what happened. He pretended as he was searching for his dog who unexpectedly left his bone lying on the ground untouched! He approached the hole made in the sofa, the bite marks were clear evidence against the Husky whose place has been unknown yet. The fabric of the sofa side has been ripped revealing a large hole and no sign for the naughty dog who is responsible for this for sure.
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The Husky’s owner lifts the flap up, but there was not anything hiding there. Then he headed around to the sofa’s other side to find his puppy’s head poking out another tighter hole! With a hilarious regretting expression, the Husky looked down with sorrowful eyes after starring up at his owner with an obvious regret for getting himself in such situation!


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