Siberian Tiger and Goat Live Prey End up in a Kind of Supernatural Situation

In Primorsky Safari Park in Russia, Timur the goat was thrown to Amur’s enclosure, which is a Siberian tiger; but instead of being a meal for him, they have turned to pals!

Amur is used to kill and eat live preys twice a week, but something strange happened when he and this goat met for the first time. Unexpectedly, Timur has shown bravery retaliating or flashing his horns every time the tiger attacked.

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Although the Siberian tiger is used to kill goats, including large ones, the attacking back goat confused him. He has probably thought that it is better not to mess with him!

It did not end only with saving his life! In a footage of that extraordinary encounter, the goat is seen chasing the Siberian tiger around! Moreover, Timur had shooed Amur from his own sleeping place and sleeps there ever since. The surrendering big cat sleeps on the roof of the shelter.

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According to the park, the two animals seem to have no animosity between them. In the contrary; they appear to more like friends. Since they have been together, both Amur and Timur walk together every morning just as it is the most normal thing to do! The goat follows the Siberian tiger everywhere giving the tiger domination; Timur even looks worried and looks around for Amur when he disappears from his sight!

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Keepers at the Primorsky Safari Park think that the goat has never seen tigers before; this may interpret Timur being such fearless from Amur who does not view the goat as a prey. Timur was named after a courageous boy character in a popular Soviet children’s book.

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