Simon Cowell couldn’t stop himself leaping out of his chair when THIS audition was over… AWESOME!

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All pet owners like to think of their own pets as the smartest and most precious creatures in the world. However, so many adorable pets do not get the chance to impress other people other than their own families. While any of you dear pet owners would defend your pets above all, there are some cuties out there who have talents that outshine their amazing charm, just a “little” bit.

You would exactly know what I mean when you see how these incredibly talented Golden Retrievers can perform an amazing show, or how this pup can sing blues. To be honest, I admit that my pup would not be able to perform any of these, or even dance like this beautiful giant pup. Probably, I can introduce my precious pup in a contest for “napping”, as if there is one, I’m pretty sure she would break all records!

Now, let us put our “incredibly” talented pups aside, and check out this cutie-breaking a record, a real one, indeed! Scroll down to find out more about this stunning little lady!

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Instead of riding a skateboard around, the pup in the video below has her own records that she likes to break. On the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, Mitch introduced his adorable dog, Cally, to show off her amazing skills in speedy balloon popping.

Joined by an official adjudicator from Guinness World Records, Cally is set to beat the record for popping 100 balloons. Anastasia, an American pup, has been the quickest achieving this in only 44.49 seconds, until recently.

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Of course, Cally knows nothing about the former record holder, the time she should break, or even the rules of the contest. As the official was explaining the rules to the judges and the audience, Mitch was forced to hold back the beautiful little puppy from eagerly starting too early!

Scroll down and check the video below to find out how Cally made it and do not miss watching the look on Simon Cowell’s face!

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