A smart corgi dog helps his sister to escape, he will amaze you.

12-7-2014 11-52-32 PM

This adorable corgi dog is very smart. What happened in this video is a proof for his smartness. The two corgi dogs were set in cages, it seems that the big brother is the smartest, he figured out a way to get out of the cage. So it was time for him to free his sister, so he goes to the cage and opens it for her in a very smart way, the corgi dog was finally free. I am amazed by how this adorable corgi is smart, I was really surprised. I wonder why those cute dogs were set in cages; I hope that it’s for a good reason, because it’s not a good idea to set the corgi dog in a cage.

 A smart corgi dog helps his sister to escape, he will amaze you.

The Corgi dogs are one of the smallest breeds in dogs, they weigh about 12 kg, and their life span is about 11 years old. Also there are two breeds of corgis, the Cardigan and the Pembroke. They’ve got so many wonderful morals; they are intelligent, sweet, very active and steady. They are very good with children, you will find them very friendly with your kids, and it’s also good to raise them with other pets, they are very friendly and kind. They are maybe small dogs but they are protective, also they are energetic and playful. If you have a Corgi dog, then you must consider yourself a lucky person.

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