A smart dog solving mathematic problems that you can’t solve.


It’s the best thing to watch today, I am sure that you have never seen such a thing like this. Come here and meet the smartest dog ever, Potato. Potato is a very smart dog, he is a math genius. Potato the smart dog can solve math and yes, he can do it way more perfect than you, and this smart dog is perfect in doing this, this smart dog also has the ability of saving phone numbers, he can memorize it perfectly. You won’t believe how perfect this smart dog is. When his owner asked his dog a mathematics question, the dog answered the right number by the number of parks he did. Did you imagine what this dog really does? He listened to the question, understood it, and solved it, then turns the answer into number of barks; it is unbelievable, I am amazed. Just check it by yourself; you won’t be able to believe this.

 A smart dog solving mathematic problems that you can't solve.

We know that dogs are very smart, but are they smart enough to solve mathematics? The most surprising fact ever is YES! Dogs really can solve mathematics problems perfectly. All dogs actually, they at least can make the simple additions and subtraction problems. If you just put two pieces of treats, and you added one, the dog will understand that you put two and you added one so they are three, same if you subtracted one treat, he will understand that remaining is two treats because you subtracted one. Adding and subtracting is not a skill or a thing you have to train your dog into, it’s a nature. Have you ever asked yourself how the female did know the number of her puppies? She knows if they are all with her or when there is someone missing. Dogs got the skill, so if you want, you can improve it by training.