A smart Golden Retriever dog figured out how to use the ice maker!

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Now, those cute Golden Retriever dogs are making the most hilarious thing ever. This Golden Retriever dog is having the time of his life, and what he did was hilarious. Guess what he is doing? It’s just that he is playing with the ice maker. The Golden Retriever dog stood in front of the refrigerator, pressing on the ice maker and then ate the cubes; the ice maker is like a magic button to him. And guess what? This Golden Retriever dog is only 6 months old! He is too young to figure this thing out and it’s unbelievable how smart this dog is! I am totally amazed.

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We can’t deny the fact that this is a hilarious scene, ice cubes are their favorite game, but the truth is it’s too dangerous for small puppies and also for big ones to eat or drink or even lick something cold, so ice cubes are dangerous on them and may cause major problems especially in teeth and stomach and that was a reason for the viewers to dislike the video. All dogs have a very special relation with snow. It starts in their puppy-hood when they lick ice cubes and play with it, till they are all grown up. But before they go and play in snow, you have to make sure that the fur on their paws are trimmed to avoid ice or ice balls sticking between the toes, and after they finished their playing, it’s better to move the ice yourself, don’t let them lick it
Puppies always love to play with ice cubes, watch this funny video of Golden Retriever puppies enjoying their time playing with ice cubes, and it’s adorable.

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Does your dog love to play with ice cubes? Watch this funny video below and if you like it, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.