Sneaky dogs watching their owner’s food! A very funny dog videos compilation.

funny dog videos

These funny dog videos will make you laugh hilariously; I didn’t thought before that it’s a common act between all dogs. A sneaky peaky dog is in every home, these dogs are watching their owners while they are eating. I think they achieved the level of sneakiness of James bond. LOL.

At the start of these funny dog videos, you will see this man eating while his dog is taking sneaky look at him, and when his owner turns to him, the dog looks to the other side. The lady in 0:45 in this funny dog videos makes me laugh so hard, she was eating normally and her dog is sneaking on her, but she gave him the look of “what are you staring at”, and that made the dog looks somewhere else. What I saw on 1:12 in this funny dog videos is an epic, this dog is doing it in such a different way, its looks were very different from the others, he was looking into the wall, and the dog was like, he don’t know if he should look or not, it’s hilarious and adorable.

Sneaky dogs watching their owner's food! A very funny dog videos compilation.

By the end of these funny dog videos, you will see this Asian owner who was eating a watermelon, and his sweet little furry white puppy wants to eat some, but actually, she was a little shy, you will be amazed by what she did. The moment he moves his hands towards his mouth, she moves her eyes towards him, and put this scene on repeat. It’s an awesome trick; but at the end, the owner ate his watermelon. The way she looked at him in the end was indescribable; she couldn’t believe that he did that. Like she was saying “oh my god, don’t tell me you ate it all!”, and he stopped the recording. I think he ate her, LOL. We are hoping that he gave her some watermelon in the end.

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