Snowy the Three-Legged dog and Ella the One-Armed Girl Defined the Perfect Friendship


None of us can argue against the fact that the world is generally a much better place because of dogs. Besides being great life companions and amazing pets, the impact they make on the world is not just for humans and not just as pets.

Dogs can be police dogs, service dogs, or therapy dogs. And through these occupations they protect and amaze us every day. And for this little girl, this dog is the reason her world is so much brighter, even despite her disability.


When Ella Peggie was born in Queensland, her parents were saddened to find out that she was born with Amniotic Bands syndrome, which caused her to lose her left arm at birth.

Losing her arm did and continues to present a struggle for Ella as she grows older. But what her mother thought of actually made Ella’s life much easier and more fun.

Stumbling upon a Facebook post about Snowy, a three-legged dog that needed a loving home, Brooke Hodgeson, Ella’s mom, knew right away that this adorable Staffy Boston dog would be the perfect addition to her daughter’s life.

And she couldn’t have been more right!

Snowy and Ella formed an amazing friendship right away. Together, Ella and Snowy are facing the challenges presented through their disabilities, and are helping each other in many ways.

The bond they both share is strong, and no doubt that having Snowy in her life will help Ella grow up in a better psychological state, having more confidence and acceptance.


And this story shows us yet another way through which our dogs make the world a better place. When I saw the photos of Ella and Snowy together, it simply made my day, these two look very happy to have each other!

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