So who is the best dog in the world? Her response will surprise you!


It is an amazing feeling when you see your pet interacting with your sayings and actions, and response to it, it shows how strong of a bond that exists between each other. Amelia is adorable, smart and brilliant; she understands what her owner is saying, so once she asked her “Who’s the best dog in the world?” She raised her arm as if she’s saying “Yes, it’s me”. It’s amazing and cute how she looked like when she is lazy, perfectly adorable. This video was uploaded on YouTube, in less than 10 days it crossed one million views, and this amazing Amelia became so well-known and famous on internet, but so many viewers said that apparently, it seemed that the dog is being abused or that she is not in a good condition, and some other said that there is someone helping the dog to raise her paws like this while recording. So what do you think about it? Do you really think that the dog is abused?

1-29-2015 10-19-22 PM

Despite the viewers’ comments, it’s easy to teach your dog some words; they don’t understand our dialogues or the new re-arrangement of words, they just go with the vocabulary, how much they will understand you depend on how much vocabulary they know. It’s very easy to train your pet to make same moves and acts like this.

It’s good idea to start training your dog on something like this, watch the video below and if you find it funny, then share it with your family and friends.