Social media once again saves dogs! All thanks to this woman!


We live in a cruel world, where humans give no justice to dogs. Dogs everyday are getting abused and neglected, abandoned with no food, no water, and no touch of love. It’s horrible and disgusting. While dogs would never abandon us and will always protect us no matter what, we do the exact opposite. We abandon and never protect them, we leave them in the streets, howling for someone to come and save them. However, there are some really humane people living on earth, and they are ready to help these stray dogs. This woman is so humane, and she will bring back the faith we had had in humanity.

Once again, social media saves dogs. A disturbing photo of a dog and her four puppies was posted on Facebook went viral after it was posted by the woman who wanted to make sure that these dogs got justice. Janette Gonzalez shared this photo on Facebook after reporting it to authorities as a case of animal neglect. This picture was taken by Janette’s friend in a Pico Rivera, California neighborhood.


Janette is a dog owner and works at a dog store, and so when she saw the pictures of the dogs that have nothing but skin and bones, she immediately knew they needed help. She posted the photo after calling animal control, and she wrote that she needs this to go viral.

Thankfully, animal control went to investigate the house and actually rescued 9 dogs!! They found 5 extra dogs with the family, including 2 German Shepherds and a Labrador Retriever. The dogs are currently being housed in Downey, at Southeast Area Animal Control Authority. But animal control won’t release any information about the dogs’ conditions while the investigation is still in action.

However, what’s more important is that the dogs are now in safe hands, all because of Janette and her friends. It’s so important for people to act like this towards such cases, so we could save more and more stray dogs. Share this amazing with your family and friends; watch and learn.