Soldiers reunited with their stray dog friend and her puppies.

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Dogs are loyal and would never forget you, and they will always protect you. Same goes to soldiers, they are loyal and they always try their best to protect us, and maybe if you were remarkable enough, they will remember you. That was what happened to the soldiers who were serving in Afghanistan, where they met a lovely and a beautiful stray dog.

Edwin Caba and his fellow soldiers were serving in a remote base in Afghanistan when a stray dog stumbled in their camp, and started wandering around. Edwin Caba bonded with the dog in no time, and they immediately became friends, and Edwin decided to call her Sheba. She sooner bonded with the other soldiers too, little did Sheba know that these soldiers would be the reason behind the life0changing experience she will have.

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Sheba the dog would courageously chase away other stray dogs that come closer to the soldiers when they were on patrol, and she would always wait every night for their return.

When Sheba got pregnant, the soldiers looked after her. They truly cared for her, they gave her their rations and food that is sent from home, and they took care of the puppies too. And as the puppies grew up, the soldiers got closer to them and more attached. So when the time came to go back home, they knew they can’t leave Sheba and the puppies there because they would die, so they decided to take them home with them.

That was when the soldiers contacted a rescue team, and that was when the rescue operation started. Edwin Caba was soon in touch with Guardians of Rescue, and they brought the dogs to U.S.

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You will see the beautiful reunion between the puppies and Sheba and the soldiers, it will warm your heart. Don’t forget to share the beautiful story with your family and friends.