Someone Dumped This Pit bull in a Sewer Hole, But His Guardian Angels Arrived!


Sadly, we still hear lots of heartbreaking stories about animals that are abandoned by their owners and left on the streets, where they are subjected to really tough situations that leave their physical and psychological health at huge risk. However, it is always heartwarming to hear that some people are willing to make effort in order to save an animal that is in need, they give those hopeless animals a second chance in life.


The worst cases are those in which the animal is abandoned in a cruel way. This rescue shows us how Mars the pitbull was rescued on the brink of death because of his cruel owner who abandoned him in a horrible way.



It started one day when Tyler Price and his cousin were walking near his home in Michigan, when they stumbled upon something startling.

Running into a fallen sign, Tyler lifted it up casually, only to find a most shocking discovery underneath. Looking down, Tyler and his cousin saw a drainage pipe, on which was a starving and terrified pit bull dog.


Quickly, they got to work, calling a near animal rescue which arrived to the scene and rescued the dog with sincere effort. The dog was suffering of dehydration and starvation, and was immediately taken to the vet where it was found that he had heartworms. The pit bull, now named Mars, is on his road to recovery, and is being fostered in a loving home, all thanks to Tyler and his cousin who didn’t leave the abandoned pit bull behind.


This rescue is so heartwarming, we are glad Mars got his second chance in life. After this rescue, Tyler decided that he wanted to save yet another life, so he decided to adopt a rescue dog as well.


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