Spare 5 seconds for your dog’s paws!


As all of us pet lovers know, owning a pet is not just fun and games, it is actually a huge responsibility upon everyone living with the pet and caring for it. This is why it is always important to make sure that we are fit for such a responsibility, after all, pets are souls, and being responsible for the well being of a living creature should not be underestimated.

This is why we should be well aware of what is good for our pets and what isn’t, this way we can prevent many things from going wrong with our beloved dogs.

This is actually very important, because you don’t see lots of dog owners paying attention to it, and it can be quite dangerous!

Summer has started and we all know that nothing is better than having a walk with your dog in the fresh summer air. However, what we forget about, is how hot the pavement and grass could get under the influence of the sun. So, here is a tip you need to keep in mind before taking your dog out for a walk: the 5 second test!

Press your backhand on the ground, and if you can’t hold on for 5 seconds, then the ground is definitely too hot for your dog to walk on, and it might actually cause the dog’s paws to get badly burned, and as dogs are active by nature, it will be very painful.

It’s a very simple test that doesn’t take much time and is guaranteed to keep your dog’s paws safe and sound, and your walks fun and refreshing.


So make sure you never forget to do this test, and not just on summer days, but also on any sunny day.

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