Spreading ashes of woman’s dog in its favorite spot


The relationship between humans and dogs is very strong, they enjoy a bond that is one of kind. Among all pets, dogs in particular are considered family members. Dogs deserve love and compassion because they are very loyal and loving creatures.

After 12 years of companionship, Ashley lost her dog recently to undisclosed illness. If you are a dog owner or a former dog owner you will know exactly what it feels like to lose your dog. Poor Ashley lost her friend and she decided to treat its death with generosity. She decided not to bury the dog and she chose a better thing _ for her and the dog_ by spreading the dog’s ashes in its favorite spot in the park. It must have been hard on her, but she decided not to say only goodbye. She must have remembered all her memories with the dog in that specific spot. what was very unusual and mysterious was the shapes that appeared when she was spreading the ashes. Fortunately, this moment was captured. It was like a miracle and made every one burst into tears. It reminded almost everyone with a lost beloved. The photo got everyone’s attention, where there is a shadow forms the shape of the dog’s body; its tail, head and legs.


This made some people wonder and rose the question about the afterlife. But this must be very comforting for all the people who lost their beloved ones and made them eager to reunite with them again. The dog is named as “Angle Dog”, and it won’t be forgotten not only by Ashley but by everyone. May be it is a miracle! What do you think? Let us know.

[h/t – The Dodo]