Squirrel Sneaks Right Under A Giant Pup’s Nose To Steal Nuts!

Dogs are very loyal creatures, and they will go above and beyond to keep their human families safe. Even the most gentle, kindest pups will make some noise when a stranger or an unwanted visitor attempts to intrude upon the family’s territory. There is no wonder that most dog owners feel much safer as long as their dogs stand protecting their homes.

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Even at the time when dogs are inside with the family, they do a great job protecting their humans from any possible dangers, like this dog who saved the lives of his humans when warned them of a fire.

However, some other pups are a bit more trusting. Instead of just settling and keeping their eyes on strangers who get near to the family’s territory, they would rather go chasing squirrels around the yard.

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This Great Dane does not seem to be interested in doing either.  He even refuses to leave his comfortable doggie bed on the porch to take any action against the little creature that sneaked up the steps. Although the pooch raises his head space notices the squirrel sneaking, he does not care that much!

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The video below shows how the little squirrel takes care not to be spotted by the huge pooch. He tries to be as sneaky as possible while on his way to the pooch’s territory, the pooch actually notices him, raises his head and watches him stealing the nuts right under his nose. The cutest thing is what the greedy squirrel does right in front of the giant dog, and the reaction of the laying pooch!

Watch the funny video below!

Obviously, the lazy pooch has more interesting things to think about, like the other comfy bed inside, or maybe he is plotting a plan of how to get some snacks from his parents!

Watch the hilarious video below to find out what goes on!

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