Stray Dog Needing Comfort And Finds It Only In One Friend

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The two friends came from different worlds with different pasts. But they had one thing in common, both were abandoned.

They found what they needed in each other. 

Yvette Holzbach keeps returning to the same spot where she captured a photo of this unusual couple.. This spot is a street in Houston, Texas and it is known for unwanted, dumped and abandoned  dogs.

Yvette is the fonder of, Forgotten Dogs of the 5th ward, she tries to save more number of dogs than she can.  “When I first saw this dog lying on this tattered and torn soft toy my first reaction was, ‘Oh how cute is that?'” Holzbach stated on her Facebook page.

“Reality sunk in once I started taking the picture,” she added. “Here is a stray dog taking comfort in a worn-out, discarded toy.”

But Holzbach couldn’t take that dog with her on that day, there wasn’t enough space for him at the shelter.

“We are always faced with the dilemma of deciding which dog to send out a plea of help for,” she explained. “This dog absolutely broke my heart but it was a dog that was in relatively good shape and unfortunately, the sad truth is, a dog in this condition would be much harder to find a foster for than any others we find in worse shape.”

Holzbach returned to the spot on Tuesday, searching for the dog with the soft toy, but there was no sign of them both.  She did confirm that she will keep searching.

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