Street Musician’s Life Changes Forever After Meeting a Stray Cat

If you doubt that pets can make humans’ lives a lot better, you can just ask James Bowen, the street musician who once had a tough life, had to survive many personal troubles and went through very hard times trying just to make ends meet. James was lonely, desperate and broke until he met Bob, the injured stray cat who was just looking for a warm place to hide and sleep.
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The poor street musician was living in the same building where the injured cat was hiding, and when he found him in need, he decided to use all the money he earned this day to buy him the medications he needed. While this kind man was taking care of the sick cat, he never expected this would change his life forever!
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The day Bob recovered; he followed the street musician on the street while he was performing. In this day, James earned much more money than he used to have. It seemed like Bob was giving James something in return to his previous generosity and taking care of him, he put a harm on James! People started giving more attention to James as well as giving him more money!
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When James and Bob ended up together, everything changed for both of them, what happened from this day on was literally a miracle! Eventually, James decided to pen his unforgettable bond with Bob in a book he named “A street Cat Named Bob” which has taken the world by storm! James’ book stayed in the bestseller list in England for a whole year and people bought it in 26 countries, “A Street Cat Named Bob” became an international sensation! Since James and Bob met, James wrote six books, two of them were in the bestseller list for long time, and production started on a film to tell their story!

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