SUPER CUTE! A Samoyed dog asking for permission to cuddle.


I am amazed by what I’m seeing; actually, it’s the best video ever. This Samoyed dog is the most loving of all; the Samoyed dog is asking for permission to cuddle, he thinks it is the suitable time for it, so he barks to ask his owner to come up. What happened next was an epic. I think this cutie Samoyed dog doesn’t need to convince his owner, if I was his owner, I would cuddle him all day long. The cute Samoyed jumped on his owner and slept on him in a very kind way, he was actually smiling! The look on the Samoyed face is priceless and this owner is the luckiest to own a kind Samoyed like this one.

Samoyed dogs are very cute and awesome; you are a very lucky person to have a Samoyed dog as a pet, because the basic facts about them is that Samoyed dog is one of the most beautiful dogs. Samoyed dogs’ normal weight average is from 50 to 60 pounds, and their life span is from 12 to 14 years. The Samoyed dog is beautiful and unique, the way they look like is stunning with their furry fluffy white thick coat, but to keep it gorgeous like the way it looks in pictures or in this video, it will require lots of grooming, especially when they are shedding. For Samoyeds, there’s a season of shedding, and that happens once or twice every year, so at this shedding season, get ready for a daily brushing, and daily vacuuming. Samoyed dogs are very active so make sure you have plenty of time for playing, walking and exercising.

SUPER CUTE! A Samoyed dog asking for permission to cuddle.

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