Super funny! Duke the pit bull dog went crazy when it was time for his exercise.

Super funny! Duke the pit bull dog went crazy when it was time for his exercise.

Duke, the Pit bull dog who loves to exercise and stay in shape, is a very energetic dog and full of energy and you will see that in the video. After you press the play button, you will be surprised by how Duke the pit bull dog got very excited for his workout, the pit bull dog ran towards the treadmill trying to open it. His owner came and opened it for him, he couldn’t hold the excitement, and he kept on jumping on it for many times, he was so happy. It seems that Duke the pit bull dog is used to run on the treadmill, he is doing his exercises as a professional, well done Duke.

It’s important to exercise your dog, for the healthy reasons and to avoid them getting over weight. It becomes a little bit harder in winter so we are going to tell you some tips that will help you exercise your dog simply in winter. Play a game with your dog, like hide and seek, it’s a good game that will help your dog move more, you can hide some treats or your dog’s favorite toy. Some treadmill exercises are ok or indoor walks especially when it’s very cold out there. Don’t let the cold weather prevent you from going out for outdoor walks in winter, dogs love snow, they love to play in it, they must stay about 30 to 40 minutes playing in snow, it will leave their muscles toned.

Pit bull dogs must have regular exercises, like running and various games, because they are very energetic and playful, which means they will need plenty of time, also daily long walks. In fact, Pit bulls are not a good idea for those who will not give much attention to their dogs.