Super funny! Little Girl and Sea Lion playing tag.


Sometimes kids are amazed with animals, they treat them like fantasy creatures. You will be amazingly surprised by what the little girl did in this 38 seconds video. It’s very adorable to watch.   A family is at an aquarium visiting the Sea Lion Exhibit at the national zoo.  Their little girl in blue plays tag with a sea lion.  You see the little girl run around and it seems that the sea lion is following her back and forth.  Towards the end, the little girl stumbles and falls.  The Sea Lion stops immediately to see if she is all right.  It is amazing how the animal knows she has fallen and how it stops to react.  Watch to see how the Little Girl and Sea Lion Play Tag.


The video was uploaded on YouTube by the family of the girl; the video got a huge success which lead to more than 9.6 million views. All the viewers were surprised and amazed by this cute little girl and the sea lion. The video became so popular on the web, and it was shared thousands of times on social media websites and internet. Share this funny video with all the people you know, they will be amazed too.

Sea lions could catch eyes if they were in any zoo or exhibition; they are a very popular kind of mammals. Also they are playing an important role in dolphin shows, they don’t attack humans, and their life span is about 20 to 30 years old.