Super Stunning! Dancing Merengue dog on the Wendy Williams show.

1-27-2015 12-09-02 PM

Have you ever seen a dancing dog? If not, then it’s time to see one, this dog is brilliant, and it will really amaze you. It all starts at the Wendy show when she hosted a dance trainer and his dog who dances like him. The dog dances the same steps as her owner.  She is even wearing an adorable matching costume.  She did the moves perfectly, especially the lift, was stunning and she was smiling all the time while she is dancing, she is a great dancer and a well-trained dog! The bond between her and her trainer is incredible and strong.  It is funny, cute, and adorable; all combined in one video. Enjoy the two minutes stunning dance.

1-27-2015 12-09-26 PM

The Wendy show first started from 2008, it is hosted by Wendy Williams, an American media personality and an actress. The video was uploaded on her YouTube channel; it got a huge success on all social media and websites, and received more 200,000. All the viewers were amazed with her incredible talent. The Dancing Merengue Dog became so famous all over the internet and social media websites, a Facebook page was set for her, also many articles on pets’ blogs were written, she is blowing minds.

If you want your dog to dance, here is the start. You have to bring your dog’s favorite treat, also start to, bring it up with your hands, and drew it up so you will make your dog stands up on his feet, then, move the treat in a circular move, so your dog will be moving in circles. Don’t forget to give him the treat, so he will get more interested in that.