11 shocking mistakes that shorten your dog’s life!

Not neutering or spaying


Experts agree that neutering and forgoing spraying are essential for dogs’ health, this is the best thing to do to guarantee reducing the risks of several types of cancer.


Additionally, unneutered female dogs become more susceptible to mammary cancer than neutered counterparts after going through more heat cycles.   Unneutered males are also more susceptible to testicular cancer and prostatic disease than neutered dogs.


You should arrange to have a neuter or spay procedure done at your local vet office. If you cannot afford it, you can find some clinics that charge minimal prices for the procedures. It is also important to follow the guidelines for your dog’s breed when having the procedure done.  With larger breeds, you should discuss the procedure plan with your vet as there have been varied opinions with regards to the timing of the procedure.



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