11 shocking mistakes that shorten your dog’s life!

Skipping periodical check ups


Even for seemingly healthy dogs, taking your dog to the veterinarian for an annual checkup may simply save its life or at least increase its lifespan. This will give a chance for early detection of any hidden diseases that could be brewing inside; as in some cases, there is not much to do when symptoms appear. An annual checkup is of essence even if your dog looks normal, it will improve the quantity and quality of your pup’s years.

Experts recommend bi-annual or annual checkups for puppies, especially those over the age of 7. Tracing your pets’ conditions through their years of life is very helpful.  Moreover, a yearly blood work is important to follow up any underlying conditions. Keeping up with pet vaccines is crucial for protection from canine distemper, rabies, parainfluenza, parvovirus, and bordatella.