Suzuki super bowl Ad is all about Husky dogs!

2-23-2015 3-05-00 PM

This Ad is very funny; I love to watch Ads that based on dogs. Suzuki Kizashi used husky dogs in their new Super Bowl commercial, but why huskies? Simply, it’s because they are living in a place where they still use sleds, and they use husky dogs to pull it. The man surprised his wife by the car. She left him with a slide, he hugged her, took the husky dogs on the sled, but surprisingly, he was back for her with a Suzuki car, and his husky dogs in it, playing the fifty cent and his dogs dancing on it! What a surprise! Driving in the snow is a possible thing now. I really do love this commercial, it’s full of surprises, and the idea of it was very brilliant. What I liked most about this commercial is how his wife reacted to the surprise, it’s the funniest ever. I’ve played this video for more than 10 times till now and every time I watch it, I really feel amazing; this Suzuki commercial is very catchy and incredible. So if you want to brighten your day, then you have to watch this stunning video.

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This commercial reminds me with the Subaru commercials, and it was all about a dog family, and it was mind blowing. Imagine how it could be for a dog family that is riding the Subaru car, a dog, his wife and their puppies, and it’s amazing, this video is a compilation of all the ads. Watch it here now.

The best commercials ever are those ruled by pets, it’s very catching; you can’t get enough of watching them. Watch this video of another Budweiser’s commercial that is showing the love between the puppy and the Clydesdales.

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