Sweet Little Puppy Is Too Afraid To Go For A Swim, Then It Turns Adorable!

Puppies are charming. There is always something funny about these little balls of fur when they learn anything new. For a little puppy, every single day is a day for new adventures. Every moment comes with a new experience, and every smell comes with a completely new feeling!

A pup of any age would exhibit excitement and curiosity to any new activity. It is in their nature and any new experience can stimulate their brains. It is understandable that there will be certainly a problem if they are in front of something that they do not know how to deal with, or smelling a strange odor in the air.

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When a puppy named Shiba Inu experienced a similar case, he could not help but express to her owner that she has a pretty big problem to deal with!

The little puppy loves to drink much water, but it is clear that she has never swum before. At first, she gets excited when dad offers a nice setup for her. However, it turns out that she is not as brave as she thought.

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Bravely, she gives some tentative barks to the water, but this little pool just seems too big for her. Anyway, whatever this little cutie is doing in the adorable video below, it is worth watching.

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