Thanks To Family Dog, Man Saves His Family From Fire!

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Walter Lewis and his family had ever wanted nothing like a home of their own. When they finally have their dream home, their neighbors told Lewis that the home they got had a bad reputation! Although neighbors advised Lewis to sell the house, he could not just give up his first own home easily.

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A few days ago, Walter got up in the middle of the night to have a glass of water, that is when he saw his bulldog, Rock, behaves bizarrely. The dog was making so much noise, and when Rock got Walter’s attention, he ran to the stairs as if he wanted to tell Walter to have a look down the stairs.

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According to Walter, there was no smoke or any sign of fire, but when he went down to the bottom of the stairs, he saw fire! Walter immediately turned back up the stairs and yelled for his wife to get up and get the kids up.

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Once Walter got the ladder, he climbed up and carried his 9-month-old son using his teeth, carried his daughter, and walked down before he climbed back to get his other daughter, and a third time to save his wife. Walter, of course, had searched for his dog to save him either, but Rock disappeared in the smoke!

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Although Walter is acrophobic, he incredibly saved his family. Sadly, he could not save his dog who actually saved them at first place. He was very sad for losing Rock, the dog who sacrificed his life to protect his humans!

You can watch more of this father’s heroic story in the video below!

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