THAT jealous cat was surprised when she shows her reflect in the mirror

2-19-2015 2-34-54 PM

As always, cats are the most funny and most kind creatures and maybe the most jealous too, it always feels like “I want all the attention”. This chubby cat felt this jealousy when her owner was busy filming his son, that cute baby is adorable so you can’t resist his loveliness and not capture every moment of it

But our dear kitty can’t stay aside, she wants to steal the show and get captured too so she starts to meow a lot to take some attention. And once her owner answered her calls she moved her eyes towards the mirror and here was the shock, she couldn’t believe what she saw. She catches a sight of herself, or so she thought!! She didn’t recognize the reflection of herself, she was like “do I have another version of me?” We were awaiting a reaction of an attack. Or getting inside the mirror to catch that reflected enemy, or another normal reaction to just recognize that it’s just a reflection


Cats are unbelievably amazing and funny, it spreads love everywhere, and some people think they are a little bit wired and not interactive like dogs, but it’s absolutely wrong, cats can interact and give lots of splendid joy, the purity of a person’s heart is just measured by how they regard cats. Cats are the kindest and sweetest ever, they are very friendly and cute, and they are the funniest pets. So you are very lucky to own a cute cat like this.