That’s What Happens When A Coyote Finds A Ball!


Having fun, is may be the only thing that all of humans and animals agree on. Everyone can have fun on his own way. Despite that there are so many ways to do that, we all figure out the right time and the good opportunity to spend that time!

This Coyote, found a ball and that was the perfect chance to spend some good times. Despite that he played with no companion, he really didn’t need any! He knew exactly how to play with the ball!


It just reminds me of a story we have posted earlier on our website of a similar story.

Chasing a fox can be funnier than you thought:

It was a very normal day for a couple of golfers in England enjoying their game and having fun. There was a sneaky visitor watching them and watching the whole game. The sneaky visitor has made his mind to approach them in a very funny way. They had a minor confrontation with a sly fox, the devious creature tried to steal one of their golf club covers on many attempts. This cunning fox knew exactly what he wanted, and he wouldn’t stop until he got it.


The crafty creature secretly approached to the golf club before pouncing on it and snatching it away, only to drop it after a few seconds of being chased by one of the golfers. The sly fox was stubborn and determined to take the golf club cover.

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