The 7 kits where in danger till those volunteers gave them a hand to help.


Foxes are so cute and loving, in spite of the fact that they are under the wild life animals category. The humane wildlife service’s volunteers called for help, a fox and her 7 kits are living in a backyard shed that was slated to be torn down. The volunteers came to help the fox family, they started to pull the floor up, to make the den unusable, they had catch all the kits and put them together in a big box, and they waited for the mom to come and take her kits out of it.

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Once the mom is back, she started to hold her babies and get them out of the box and then out of the backyard shed, she was so strong to hold 7 kits, and actually they weren’t so small in size. Holding them was a tiring thing for her to do, and now the foxes are safe in an open area which is near to the backyard shed they were living in.


It’s illegal to have a fox pet in some countries, but it’s legal in others, but with some conditions that you would offer them the same nature they are supposed to live in, like the wide space they must have, also not all types of foxes can be pets, some of them are suitable for missions. A fox can live for about 14 years; their speed is from 6 to 13 kilos per hour. Surprisingly, foxes are members of the dog family. A male fox is called dog, and the female fox is called vixen